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On our web page, you will be able to find a multitude of information about the most perfect and noble animal there is, the horse.  The significance of the horse in the life of man goes back thousands of years.  There is no animal more admired by man than the horse.  The intelligence that characterizes them and their perfect development have allowed them to stay with us for a long time so that we have been able to enjoy them.

Their movements, expressions, eyes, height, size...their company in general makes being next to a horse an unforgettable experience.  There is nothing more beautiful than observing a horse's movements as it gallops through a valley.  We could define the horse as the most docile wild animal that exists; in fact, riding a horse gives the greatest feeling of freedom.

Horse Horses

Here you will find useful information about their care and feeding, their origins, different breeds, and their behavior and character.  We will also talk about new trends, such as equine therapy, and various interesting facts about this animal, the horse.  We will also show you young horses, wild horses, purebred horses, and racehorses, and we will also talk about dressage, etc.

We will also make available to you an ample photo gallery where you can appreciate the beauty of the horse in different situations that will help you to understand and love this animal even more.  As you also might want, we will give you the option of exchanging opinions and information with other web page users through our forum, with the objective of improving our knowledge of this noble animal.

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